Indian Values – WORLD VISION is the core of Vagad Pace Global School. It is our endeavour to provide such education to the children which prepares them to be part of the world by acquiring knowledge, skills, values and right attitude. If we continue to submit completely to the new found methods and technology in an undisciplined and irrational manner, our students will lose creativity. No 'new models of learning' can ever compromise or threaten the essence of what teacher is, always has been and always will be. The encouraging smile of the teacher, his / her pious touch and above all the overwhelming belief in the capability of the students, to do wonders has no substitute. Our very value oriented teachers encourage students to be innovative, to design, to invent and imagine new ideas. We are well aware that children carry a knack for originality and possess a lot of talent. We are here to nurture their inquisitiveness. Rest assured, the originality and uniqueness of your child is in safe environment and with your cooperation we shall provide wings to their imaginations.

Let's step ahead together in the journey of fulfilling the dreams!

Thanks & Regards

Amrut S. Gada

Vice Chairman

Shree Jethalal Nonghabhai Gada Vagad Education,

Welfare and Research Centre

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