In the current digitized world, students are more inclined towards tech-enabled learning than conventional methodologies. To create the same burning desire, Vagad Pace Global School implemented smart learning by implying tech-enabled learning system that has a new ideology of “Play to Learn” so as to make education really fascinating for the youngsters.

Features of Tech-Enabled Learning

Tech-enabled learning aims to make learning fun, easy and accessible to everyone via games. This game provides an adaptive platform which provides an enhanced gamified learning experience, and uses analytics for personal performance tracking.

  • The game is comprehensive in nature.
  • It includes Performance Meters that produce regular analytics on student performance.
  • Voice-guided slides and videos are linked, so that the student can recapitulate the entire content when required
  • Analytics reveals “A 500% improvement in concept clarity in every student. Additionally, more than 90% students have rated tech-enabled learning five (on a scale of one-five) on the parameters of Interest Level, Concept Clarity and Knowledge Retention”.

Benefits to students

It is clear that games are strong motivating factor for students and tech- enabled learning has emerged as a promising and powerful technique for shaping behavior in learning environment. It has proved to be an epic breakthrough in digital era focusing on stress-free, entertaining way of learning.

  • Students can master many concepts at a time.
  • Students can answer the problems in a very short span of time.
  • It improves comprehensive skills in students.
  • Identify weakness of a student and ensure concept clarity through personal review.
  • Remedial classes can be arranged based on performance reports.
  • Helpful in the eradication of hardships faced by the teachers in the teaching learning process.
  • It helps students to crack IIT JEE Main, Advanced & NEET exam which has shown impeccable results - PACE OLAA (Online Adaptive Assessment)

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