All staff at Vagad Pace Global School undertake the professional roles and duties which the residential school environment demands. We have the largest pool of talented teachers all coming from the lofty IIT’s/Doctors and having an imposing experience in the engineering/medical and education domain.

Teachers at Vagad Pace Global School are deeply committed to the physical, emotional, academic and spiritual welfare of the students. Each individual child is attended to with diligence. The teachers have specific responsibilities and involvement in the boarding houses, and they assist with extra-curricular activities and sports. The teachers and students quite literally play together, pray together and stay together.

We have a dedicated and committed team of most talented, dedicated and experienced teachers who are well qualified and duly conversant with all aspects of providing holistic and quality education to our pupils. Our teachers are there at all times - to guide, nurture and motivate students to excel in both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. In-service training programmes are conducted for our teachers and staff from time to time so that they are adequately equipped to handle challenging and stressful situations whilst teaching or otherwise.

Vagad Pace Global School offers excellent facilities and a happy, homely environment from which all benefit. The teachers are enthusiastic and love what they do; this is evident from the way the students respond. There is a warm and close bond between the students and the faculty, which is a result of the deep mutual respect that they share for each other.

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