Journey of Shree Jethalal Nonghabhai Gada Vagad Education, Welfare & Research Centre

It was felt that schools and colleges amidst the dazzle of metro were not providing the right environment for the mental, physical, educational and spiritual growth of students. Therefore, a group of like-minded, wise men from the Vagad Community contemplated the idea and meticulously nurtured their thought. As a result, in 1997, a Trust by the name of Vagad Educational Welfare Centre was formed. Thereafter, the Trust started searching the land with the object to start various activities including Residential School and after doing the survey of many places around Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bordi, Deolali, etc. Village Sakwar, located on the outskirts of Mumbai, on National Highway No. 8, finalized the land near Mumbai at Village Sakwar.

In the year 2001, the earthquake destroyed the almost whole of Kutch Vagad Villages and many schools and Trust as the part of its one of the objects decided to make the school at Village Sakwar to give the education to the students of the Vagad Community and after making many obstructions and road blocks encountered the process of development but the outcome was a rewarding reality. On 28th February, 2002, the foundation of the school was laid.

The response from the community and the society at large was overwhelming. Finally on 10th June, 2004, VAGAD GURUKUL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, CBSE was started from Class VIII to X. VAGAD GURUKUL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, CBSE is an ambitious project which emerged from the benign thought of Vagad Community, thereafter for the part of the huge development in the campus, the Trust needed the donation and Smt. Monghiben, widow of Shree Jethalal Nonghabhai Gada offered the donation for the School and on 19th May 2005, the name of the Trust was changed to Shree Jethalal Nonghabhai Gada Vagad Education Welfare & Research Centre. The Trust work for the betterment of Vagad Community settled in Mumbai and elsewhere

1st batch of S.S.C completed in the year 2006-2007 with 100% school result and the same continued till date, the Trust School went on adding the achievements like School got ISO certified in the year 2008 and thereafter on November, 2008 the School was awarded for "British Council International School Award" for outstanding development of international dimension in the curriculum. School added an achievement having got a centre for S.S.C and H.S.C, CBSE Board Examinations in the academic year 2008-2009 till the academic year 2015-2016.

Our Honourable Trustee and Philanthropist Sh. Lakhamshi Bhanji Shah served as a Managing Trustee for 6 years and as a Chairperson for nearly 11 years till the year 2013. He was totally committed to promoting education in Vagad Community, which is greatly benefited by his benevolence and support. It is his position in Vagad community, his leadership qualities and guidance that within a short span of time the school has reached to the level, where parents of so many students have shown great faith and confidence in the Institution by admitting their children. Regarding education, he feels that children should have such education which is not to be measured by its length and breadth but only by its depth.

As School was established with the concept of imparting modern education with sound foundation of Indian value system, the School is true confluence of various steams of the "Indian Way of Thought" and Jain Philosophy and further to bring the educational excellence and innovation to it, based designed and capacity to implement and manage a comprehensive educational programme, the Trust join hands in management with Pace Educational Trust from the academic year 2016-2017 and renamed the School as "Vagad Pace Global School" and started the Science steam in Class XI - XII CBSE with all regular subjects + Foundation Builder/ Competitive Edge like IPM, NSTSE, NSO, MTSE, SOF, JEE-MAIN, JEE-ADVANCE, NEET in the academic year 2016-2017.

This flame of love, values and knowledge will remain alight for years and generations to come. With its brightness, the Students will not only brighten their lives but will also give brightness and warmth to the society they live in, the nation they belong to and the world they are part of.

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