Olympiads are internationally recognized competitions in various fields of knowledge. It is the highest level examination and is hosted by different countries every year. Participation in any of the Olympiads has worldwide recognition and is considered as a great achievement. International Olympiads are held every year in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy and Junior Science.

Vagad Pace Global School has attained an exalted prestige producing the best results at olympiads (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Astronomy & Biology) year after year. In the past seventeen years our students have won 10 Gold medals, 7 Silver medals and 3 Bronze medals in International Olympiads.

We provide specialized material with assignments & tests. The fact that Olympiads are held internationally and our students are successful in them consistently is a testimony to our high standard of teaching & impeccable quality of teachers. We make a personalized study plan to focus on the weak areas and bring out the best of the students

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