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Welcome to the Vagad Pace Global School, an institution that nurtures talent and creativity. I assure you, years spent here, will be endearing, enriching and will prepare your wards for their real life ahead. Set on the outskirts of the bustling city of Mumbai, Vagad Pace Global School is a place of learning & exploration, filled with the joy of achievements & newer challenges for our students. With our proven track record, we defy the norm that learning is monotonous, thus, creating an academic community which is global in its thinking.

Become World-Ready

Academic robustness is at the core of every educational establishment. Almost two decades of proving our prowess with our unique pedalogy, we wanted to create a place for children which would develop them into thought leaders.

Our Campus boasts of conductive academic environment, along with vibrant and zestful feel, thus allowing students to persue what they love, be it art, creativeness, athletics, etc.

In my early years, my teachers & friends played a vital role in shaping me, I put fourth the same legacy to all my students at Vagad Pace Global School. A lot of emphasis is on developing the team spirit, be it among students or between students and teacher, this stimulates the young mind of the children and thus creating extraordinaire. As Rigveda rightly mentions "Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides!" Vagad Pace Global School imbibes the same spirit in the persuit of excellence for both students and teachers.

I'd like to conclude, by saying that we prepare children to be word-raedy. When they will step out of Vagad Pace Global School, the world shall rise and take note.

So, lets learn, adapt & grow.

Praveen Tyagi
( B.Tech., IIT-Delhi )

Chairman Pace Educational Trust

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