Tech Enabled Learning

1. Video Conferencing (VC) - Two Way live ( Innovative Classroom Learning and Support Model )

We use the most advanced technology to ensure quality teaching by the best professors to all students which enables students from all over the country to learn directly from our top most faculty members. Teaching via video conferencing facilitates live participation of students at distant centres in real time. The faculty members being in the audio visual centre and students in their home towns can see each other and interact, proving to be a powerful instrument for the faculty. This enables the faculty to closely monitor the progress of every single student at all centres. By pioneering this facility in India, We have been able to serve the needs of the student community at large.

Tech Enabled Learning

  • VC - most advanced technology
  • PANACEA - our own online portal
  • EduisFun - educational games

Video Conferencing

Edu is Fun

2. Edusifun- Gamified learning

We are proud to introduce educational games from Eduisfun - an educational revolution. These finest applications in educational segment with well refined content from top faculties, facilitates you to check your performance, right to the chapter level and helps you find your global ranking. The unique features of the games in EduisFun are :

  • Learn Mathematics & Science by playing games
  • 2800+ concepts comprising of 3000+ voice guided notes
  • Compare with friends and get detailed performance reports
  • Detailed analysis of performance, SMS updates & voice guided crisp notes
  • on immediate basis
  • Win rewards while playing these educational games

3. Online platform "PANACEA"

  • 24 x 7 availability of online video lectures, by best professors
  • Topic wise test facility after completion of every topic followed by a detailed analysis report immediately after the test
  • Online doubt solving facility. Guaranteed response to your child's query within 24 hours
  • Access to solution of booklets and other tough books
  • Access to notes of last year's toppers
  • Availability of practice tests, 10 year board papers with solutions, practical manuals



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