The students celebrated Swachatta Awarness Day where it was an interactive session in which they were made to realized that why “Mann ki swachhata” is an important factor. It was a formal argumentative discussion about how swachhata can be carried out in our surroundings and on an environmental level. Later, there was a discussion about real heroes of the school house keeping staff who take efforts every single day to keep the school and campus clean and tidy.

“Follow your duty to maintain India’s beauty” The students of VPGS from class VI to X joined community outreach on where they were taken outside the school campus near Sakwar village at 10:15 AM to spread awareness about the importance of hygiene and Swachhata of surroundings. The students were holding banners with slogans and also sterilizing some of the areas of village. They were entertained with this activity and being a guide to the villagers.

It’s not enough to prepare our children for the future. We must prepare the future for our children. On the occasion of green school drive held in the morning in which all the students from class VI to X planted trees. Firstly, they were told about the advantages of planting trees and how it affects our surroundings. Students were very excited for this event and learned species of all the plants they had planted. They promised the teachers that they will protect them despite being exhausted their enthusiasm did not stop them to reach till the end.

A wonderful painting competition was held in VPGS at in regards of swachhata pakhwada where students were encouraged to participate in Art Competition in which they showed their extraordinary painting and creative skills. The topics of competition were as follows: -

1. 6th to 8th grade- Clean School and save environment

2. 9th to 10th grade- Importance of cleanliness in life and Clean Hand-Save Lives

The students actively participated in the activity and showed great enthusiasm while they were enlightened about how Swachhata plays a major role in people’s life and how it needs to be encouraged.

Keeping hands clean is one of the most important step we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. In order to spread awareness about cleanliness and usefulness of hand wash. For this, students of VPGS washed their hands after lunch using soap or Dettol to remove germs from hands. This helps prevent infections because people frequently touch their eyes, nose and others body parts without even realizing it. The teachers taught students about the proper method of washing hands before and after every meal. The wastage of water was also checked and educated them about the essence of water.

One of the most effective way we have to protect ourselves and others from illness is good personal Hygiene. Personal hygiene day was celebrated in which students executed the activity of cleaning their dormitories which includes mattresses, cupboards and beds. Students were informed about various things related to cleanliness like

1. Using dustbin

2. Awareness about communicable diseases

3.bathing regularly

4. Wearing washed clothes

5. Importance of staying in a hygienic environment with clean beds and room

6. They were asked to make decorative charts to display them in their rooms of various proverbs which would inspire them in future.

VPGS observed an event on Swachhata hi seva day. The event was compiled to unfurl general awareness on swachhata pakhwada by keeping surroundings neat and clean. Students of class VI to X participated enthusiastically. The event was concluded by enjoin to students that swachhata hi seva should become their regular habit and this could only be possible once they focus on the cleanliness of their subconscious.

A Letter writing competition was held in which students of class VI to X participated. The topic for this was “swachhata abhiyaan” where they had to write a letter to Principal Ma’am in which they had written about the contribution of work towards swachhata abhiyaan and also their commitment to make this happen in future. The students in their letters enlightened us about the difficulties they face in a residential school and how they can overcome it after being aware about Swachhata Pakhwada.

“So long as you do not take the bucket and brooms in your hand, you cannot make your towns and cities clean” ,during this event students cleaned the school premises which included school ground, Amphitheatre, classes, labs and all the ditches nearby ground. They were reciting slogans throughout the activity to motivate themselves. Slogan like:

“Mera desh saaf ho isme hum sab ka hath ho”

“Upbharat ka janabhyaan jaag raha hai hindustan”

Teacher taught the importance of cleanliness in their personal life and environment All students most importantly learned unity in diversity.

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