Salient Features

Pollution Free Environment

Although just one hour away from the bustling city, it is surrounded by river & mountains, filled with fresh air - teaches us more than we can ever learn from books.

Holistic Approach - Disciplined and Healthy Lifestyle

Focus on all round development of the child through extra-curricular activities, ensuring a stress free learning experience. A proper regime under the guidance of experts to have a regulated life.

Community Learning - Best peer group

Learning and competing with the best minds will help unleash the potential in your child. An ecosystem ensuring that your child grows physically and mentally to face the challenges of studies & life.

Constant Mentoring & Individual Mapping

In-house, the most talented, experienced and dedicated, IITian faculty members will be provided for 24 x 7 mentoring and individual doubt solving in each subject.


Regular motivational and inspirational lectures by experienced counselors and industry stalwarts. An experienced and professional counselor will be present on campus 24 x 7.

Weekend at Home Option

If the child wishes he/she can spend the weekend with their parents after attending school from Monday to Friday.

Tech Enabled Learning

VC - most advanced technology
PANACEA - our own online portal
EduisFun - educational games

Medical facilities - 24 x 7

A Doctor
An Ambulance
MI Room

Healthy and Nutritious Food

Pure vegetarian, healthy and nutritious food along with fruits and milk with maximum level of hygiene.

Safety & Security

More than 20 Guards are permanently placed on campus with complete surveillance using cameras at every nook and corner.

Sports and Facilities

Huge Playgrounds
All outdoor and indoor sport facilities


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