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Welcome to the Vagad Pace Global School, an institution that nurtures talent and creativity. Years spent here, I assure you, will be endearing, enriching and will prepare your wards for their time ahead. Set on the outskirts of the bustling city of Mumbai, is a place of learning filled with challenge and joy. Here, we defy the notion that learning cannot be playful and that an academic community cannot be irresistibly stress-free..


Academics is the core of every class. Beyond that, the campus is vibrant and wholesome, thus allowing students to pursue all that they love, artistic or athletic.

Finally, we believe that education is all about relationships: between peers engaged in the pursuit of excellence and between students and teachers working inside and outside the classroom. Hence our admission and hiring processes are designed such that the community we invite is dynamic and humane.

In closing, I’d like to say that we prepare children to be world-ready. When they will walk across the graduation stage and step out, the world shall rise and take note.

So, come in. Let's grow.


Praveen Tyagi

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