Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement Program provides a passport for students to access higher education in foreign countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia and beyond. The program offers 23 subjects and is overseen by the College Board. Students who score high marks in the program earn college credit and can greatly enhance of gaining acceptance in various reputed universities, thereby making their applications stronger than their peers.

The training for the above mentioned courses are provided at PACE since the past 4 years and has produced successful results. Our team consists of experts and best in the industry with years of experience.


Letters of Appreciation from IVY Leagues and renowned Foreign Universities

Stanford University
Cornell University
Leland Stanford Junior University
Aditya Ramakrishnan

Students who have gone to Top Universities

Parth Mehta
Aakansha Sarda
Nishit Khandwala
Tanvi Chheda
Aaditya Ramkrishnan
Hardik Parikh

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